My last award was a “thanks for trying” pennant at the school kayak race

Don’t you just love school?  Awards for over-achievers, awards for middling achievers and awards for those who just showed up.  Or didn’t.  They got one too.  Honestly, kids, savour your school years.  It’s the last time you’ll be congratulated for your mediocrity.

Unless, of course, you take up blogging, in which case some very kind people might also award you with a little something for your efforts, paltry though they may be.  I do appreciate it guys – thanks for reading and thinking that it’s not crap!

Going straight to the pool room is my Sunshine Blogger award, from Rarasaur, whose blog I have a deep crush on.

Under conditions of the award, five things about myself:

1. I have shot an AK-47.  This is my ‘wilds of Kentucky’ story, which ends with no limbs lost except maybe an old tree’s.  And established that I couldn’t shoot myself out of a barn.

2. I may be a crap shot with a gun, but I am a crack shot with a bow.  I don’t know how I wasn’t able to transfer skills between weapons but it just goes to show you can’t take anything for granted.

3. I was 19 before I saw snow for the first time and I can’t adequately express just how excited I was about it.

4. I was 27 before I saw my first squirrel, an event which made my first snow experience oh-so-humdrum

5. I actually like devon/luncheon meat (I think Americans might call it baloney).  On a sandwich with tomato sauce.  OH MY GOD.

I’m also asked to nominate 6 bloggers but I don’t know enough people for that so, here’s 6 more things about me, in keeping with the conditions of the Liebster award, kindly awarded to me from Ned.

6. When I bungee jumped, the only thing that I could think about (asides from ‘holy crap, what a dumbsh*t thing this was to do!’) was how weird it is that, for the first time in my existence, I wasn’t touching anything.  Think about it – even when standing, you’re connected to the earth.  It’s such a strange feeling when all that is absent.  And yes, in the split-second I had that thought, the following thought was congratulatory in nature for being so “deep”.

7. Have you ever seen someone stare at you as they walk past and toyed with the idea that they’re tourists from the future, back in time to see you before you saved the world/became awesome?  Because I haven’t.  No sirree, not me…

8. I can’t enjoy Channing Tatum movies as much as I’d like to because he looks like my brother.  It’s really, really annoying.  Although I guess the real shocker there is that there is someone in this world who likes Channing Tatum movies.  But I do.  I stand by it.

9. I can’t use my real name on the internet because it’s unusual and is named after a character in one of the ‘big’ books of sci-fi.  Asides from keeping the boss off my internet trail, I stopped using it when fanboys started emailing me just to talk to someone “who’s from the book”.  I’ve read it, people, but I can offer no insights into her character.  Sorry.

10. Wild dolphins are awesome but they frighten the bejesus out of you when all you see is a triangle fin heading your way.  Also, trying to run out of the ocean is both difficult and hilarious for viewers.

11. I secretly think I’m a good singer, which is why I should never be encouraged to do karaoke.  It’s bad for us all, especially me when I see video the morning after the night before.


Ned also asked some questions he’d like answered.  Your wish is my command:

1) Why do you blog?  Boredom is one, also probably loneliness if I were being desperately honest.
2) If you could have one person in particular, living or dead, real or fictional, read your blog, who would it be?  I have sat thinking about this question for 10 minutes and I still don’t have an answer…
3) What childhood game or activity had the biggest impact on you?  Barbies.  It’s not until now that I realise how much of my girlhood was training me to be a homemaker 😛
4) When something great happens, how do you celebrate?  Dinner and a movie would be ideal.
5) If the world had to be ruled by either cats or dogs, which would you choose and why?  Cats.  Dogs don’t have the ruthlessness it requires.
6) If you could play the lead role in any movie you’ve seen what would it be?  Sam from 16 Candles!!
7) If you had to eliminate one technological achievement, what would it be?  None of them.  I’m all for technology.
8) Name a pivotal point in your life.  The day dark chocolate entered my life.
9) What is your favourite candy or treat?  Chocolate, my dark mistress.
10) If you could visit a time in history, when would it be?  1700s, just so I can wear those dresses!  Anyway, this is too hard a question for a History major.
11) If Ben & Jerry named an ice cream after you, what would it be called?  Berry Chocolatey.




5 thoughts on “My last award was a “thanks for trying” pennant at the school kayak race

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  2. I nominated you for the Kreative Blogger Award in my latest post!

    I’m new to the whole awards thing so I’m not sure if this is the proper channel in which to notify you but I figure since it’s relevant to this post it’s as good as anything 🙂

    Also in re-reading this I’m curious, do you not have squirrels in Australia? I figured because they’ve overrun the world they would be there too!

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