I’ve been watching the Facebook feed of one of my friends who declared November to be ‘Noguiltvember’ – an international month of amnesty to admit to all those truly tragic songs that you secretly love.

These are the songs that you sing in the shower when you think no one can hear you.  They’re also the songs that have a high hit rate for karaoke-goers because everyone knows that karaoke works best when you’re belting out daggy 80s power ballads.  The more akin you sound to a wailing cat, the better, since karaoke has nothing to do with good singing and everything to do with childhood sentiment and lots and lots of alcohol.

There’s been some cracking nominations for shameful, secret song-crushes this month:

– Songs by the Glee cast

– Songs by Gwyneth Paltrow

– Songs by New Kids on the Block (I have to admit, that one was me)

– Songs by Miami Sound Machine

And, my personal favourite nomination, Everlasting Love by Rex Smith and Rachel Sweet:

But why should we limit this to only one month?  Why not Noguiltever, instead of Noguiltvember!  And why only music?  I’m breaking the shackles of convention and declaring:

  • I know all the words to ‘Part Of Your World’ from The Little Mermaid.  And you can tell if I’ve had a few too many drinks because that’s my go-to song as I unsteadily make my way home.
  • I think the Lord of the Rings movies were better than the books.  There I said it.  They basically cut out all of Tolkein’s self-indulgent, waffly descriptive paragraphs that went on for ever and ever (and ever) and got straight to the good bits.
  • Duets was a good movie.
  • I liked Grease 2.  I cannot believe I’m admitting this publicly but ‘Cool Rider’ is a brilliant song.  [resisting urge to delete…]
  • I’m a creature of habit, mostly because I get nervous doing something new – even if it’s something as basic as walking a different way to work.  This is patently ridiculous and part of the reason why I moved to the UK – to really do something different!  But, even after the big bad city, I was still nervous today when I walked into a street market I’ve never been before (and being pleasantly surprised).
  • Clubbing: it’s overrated.
  • I know Captain Kirk is supposed to be the ultimate Star Trek captain but, frankly, I think Janeway nailed it.
  • Men are sometimes right.  The Guy is more often right than wrong, damnit.  So annoying.
  • I read the Daily Mail (a UK conservative tabloid newspaper – I know I should read something appropriately left(ier) like The Guardian but they’re so pompous).
  • I actually like trashy romance novels, especially the sci-fi/romance ones.  I have no intention of ever reading Dostoyevsky.
  • If no one was looking and I weren’t feeling like I was having a fat day, I could and would eat a whole jumbo bag of corn chips.  In the same vein, I have eaten an entire family block size of chocolate to myself.

Oh man, it feels good to get all that off my chest!

25 thoughts on “Noguiltever

  1. This list is fantastic! I can do you one better/dorkier though since I know all the words to every Disney song made after my birth. *sigh* Disagree on Janeway but props for having a favorite. 🙂 By trashy scifi, do you mean Krentz/Castle types or…. Twilight. Oh, and thanks for teaching me the word “dag”, it would have been perfect for my label day, but I already picked one, :). Loving your blog!

    • haha no, worse – by trashy romance/scifi I mean those romance books set in a sci-fi setting. So bad it’s good. I’ve not read the Twilight books but did watch the first movie… and kinda liked it. Then it got really lame 🙂 Loving your blog too! I have a crush on it 🙂

  2. I agree with quite a few of those – I do think it helped to read the books to understand the films of LOTR, otherwise there was too much information for someone new to it (said by someone who had to explain what was going on all the way through to parents and brothers!). Always hated clubbing, even in my uni years – what is wrong with being able to hear the people you are out with! Janeway was fab, I liked Pickard too. I think Kirk was for the decade before me! Really cannot be bothered reading long winded classics, although I keep meaning to try some of the more famous ones as I feel I should, and as for family size bars, I thought they were made for one! As in ‘you stress all day for your family, you need a big bar of chocolate to recover.’

    • Agree with the books giving you much more insight into the movies. I think it’s Tolkein’s style of writing I found so difficult – so terribly dense and slow. I read somewhere that it was his stated goal to right the longest novel in history with LOTR, so perhaps that’s the reason.

      Glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about clubbing! My grandparents tell me about all the country dances they used to attend as young’uns – I wish they were stiill popular!

  3. You are a brave, brave soul. I also think I’m kinda in love with you a little now, in a “eh, I’ll probably never act on it” sort of way, which is still pretty impressive. 😉

    I may just have to try this myself. I’ll totally give you credit though.

  4. Now, I remember you drunkenly singing songs from the Little Mermaid, but I don’t recall it being “Part of your world”. I can’t remember what song it was now, though, and that bugs me.

  5. Noguiltever should be a national, dare I say world, holiday! In the spirit of truth giving, I admit to you (mostly because my children will never find out) that a frozen Twinkie is decidedly the best dessert ever created. May God have mercy on the Hostess soul.

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  7. I LOVE your list…sad thing is, there are very few Disney songs (or Glee songs) that I’m unable or unwilling to sing along to… They’re my feel good music. As for Grease 2… Let’s Do It For Our Country was pretty hilarious, too! And I love my trashy romances…who are your favorite authors?

    • Oh Glee is a dirty, dirty mistress. I can’t bear to watch it and yet – the songs! Every episode is great karaoke. Also, good call re Lets Do It For Our Country 🙂 The romance author I’ve read the most is Stephanie Laurens. I made my way through her Cynster series which is set in Regency England (stay with me here) – Devil’s Bride is the first book and still my favourite. Who are yours?

  8. How brave of you to admit the things that not many of us would admit publicly!! I happen to agree on many of the above points (Disney song lyrics, Grease 2, creature of habit, amongst others) and rejoice in the fact that I now know I’m not alone!!

  9. I actually watch Glee for the stories, I get bored during the songs and typically wander off. I also got really into the first season of The Glee Project, and would watch it when I was at home on my own. Same for Smash, though I like to think I got drawn in by the excellent actors and the characters…

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  12. So I’m starting to read the Lord of the Rings series….for bar trivia no less. I’ve only ever read the Hobbit. I’m pretty sure was for school; long enough ago that I had forgotten how true your words are. OMG. Very good stories but I’m pretty sure I just read 3 pages about something that maybe has to do with hobbits, the paragraph started so long ago I’m not even sure what he’s describing anymore.

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