Job dating

When I met my guy, I thought the whole dating thing would be over.  Never again the doubt, the fear or the soul-sucking feeling that you’re the only sad, lonely loser person around.

Alas, I forgot how similar job hunting was.

Meeting someone

First, you trawl the posh places, looking for the guy job of your dreams.  This only lasts for as long as your confidence holds out.  Soon, you start listening to your inner fear: you won’t ever find it and you’re not getting any younger you know.  Then the internal negotiating starts.  Perhaps your expectations are too high.  Are you thinking overmuch of yourself?  Maybe a ‘job for now’ will do – you kid yourself that you’re still looking for the job of your dreams but, lets face it, you’ve already resigned to settling.  Without a support group, you’re only a bottle and two chocolate bars away from considering just how bad those call centre marketing jobs could be… 

Waiting for that call

You meet.  You like what you see.  You give them your number.   They might even promise to call.  Hope flares.   Maybe it will work out ok after all.  You wait.  And wait.  And wait.  You don’t stray more than jumping distance away from the phone.  You start taking your mobile with you everywhere – everywhere.   You check your emails every 20 minutes.  You start to panic about whether you gave the right number.  You start harbouring suspicions that your internet provider has done something drastically, drastically wrong with your connection.  

The date

They contact you.  You’ve gotten through the first cull that are deemed worthy of a call back.  They’ve been overwhelmed with responses, they’re trying to pull together a shortlist.  They want to discuss your resume.  Just a casual chat – but you’re being judged on every word you say.  So you do this interview that’s not an interview.  You pull out all your best experience.  You’re witty, charming and professional.  You’re doing the verbal equivalents of a LBD and killer heels.  They cannot resist.  He They seem to be buying it impressed.  They’ll get back to you.  

The second date?

You hang up feeling completely confident.  The next day, you’re a nervous wreck.  You’ve replayed every sentence, every nuance of reaction.  You’re a fool – fool! – for thinking that they might actually like you.  You resist the urge to call.  To ‘follow up’.  Doesn’t everyone say you should play hard to get?  You’re a strong, confident woman.  They would be lucky to have you.  You reach for a bag to stop from hyperventilating.  You consider getting a cream for the stress rash.

Honestly, if job dating doesn’t make you feel exactly like a love junkie then I’ll eat my hat (it’s a fabulous new hat, too, that I got as a little present for myself).  

Right now, I’m waiting to see whether I’ve made the shortlist for three jobs after some promising signals.  In the meantime, I have a temp job starting Friday, which is great news.  It will only be a week and a half but it’s better than nothing!

5 thoughts on “Job dating

  1. As I was reading through your description, I was taken back to my first encounter with my wife, through (yes, it’s true), and our first phone call, and how the cold I was still getting over made my voice sound like a 15-year-old going through puberty. Her voice was music; mine was a middle school saxophonist. Fortunately, WHAT I had to say was more important to her than how it sounded. When we eventually met face to face a few weeks later, it was truly magic — and still is. I still get butterflies when her text melody goes off. That said, hang in there and be proud of your “resume.” 🙂

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