Glam metal Mondays: Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Wow, I forgot Bret Michaels ever looked this young.

So, it’s Monday and time for your (mostly) weekly dose of 80s rock: big hair, big guitars and a whole lotta smoke machines.

Today’s offering comes to us from Poison.  Lets consult our glam metal checklist:

– Mane of hair?  Check.

– Tight pants? Check.

– Elaborate guitar solos? Check.

– Overuse of hydrogen peroxide?  Big check.

Extra points given for footage of guitar destruction.  Points deducted for lack of smoke machines and power stancing.


P.S. if you haven’t ever heard it, it actually is a lovely song.  Sort of rock-country, with some very nice sentiment behind it.  Even Bret Michaels has his reflective moments.

P.P.S. if your only experience with this song has been via (grimace) Miley Cyrus, then consider this a public service and my attempt to redress a great, great wrong done to you.

3 thoughts on “Glam metal Mondays: Every Rose Has Its Thorn

  1. I love this, it totally makes my week! 80’s music is the best! I ignore everything about Miley Cyrus…did she remake this song? That’s blasphemy!

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