How I know I live in a small town again…

…my local branch manager is someone I went to school with, my mum works with his dad and I used to take dance classes with his mum.  And this is someone I wasn’t close with at school!

I’m still getting used to the fact that my local bank even has a named branch manager – aren’t they all customer consultants or some other wanky term?

The thing is, I quite like small towns, although they’re not without their perils.  There’s no possibility of having a slouchy day, no quick pop over to the shops in your grungies: that’s the day you meet your old high school crush, or some old popular girl you used to hate.  But it is an excellent opportunity to go out looking fantastic and then bumping into your old high school crush (and slaying him with your fabulousness) or, in my case, the girl you used to work with who was younger, thinner and blonder but now is fatter, with roots showing and looks significantly older than you thanks to a hard lifestyle.  Ah revenge, thou art so sweet.

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