Glam metal Mondays: Here I Go Again

Ok, it’s technically Tuesday but I can see this will be an ongoing theme for me and Monday is more pleasingly alliterative.

I was but a young girl in the 80s, not really glam metal’s target audience at the time but it nonetheless forms a big part of my warm fuzzy memories about the Best Decade Ever (you guessed it: the 80s).

What was it about glam metal that got the ladies so hot and bothered? Big hair, leather pants tucked into white high-tops, inappropriate pelvic thrusting… what the?  Well now that I am that target audience (albeit belatedly) I can tell you that it’s big hair! The inappropriate pelvic thrusting! And even leather pants tucked into sneakers are a ! not a ? when it’s David Coverdale doing it.

Even after all these years, he can still impregnate you with that steely stare.  Which is why today’s offering is Whitesnake’s ‘Here I Go Again’.  It has all the classic motifs: artistic use of a smoke machine, excessive tonguing, gratuitous power stancing and guitar thrusting, not to mention lots of leather and luxuriant locks.  It’s a classic for a reason and has single-handedly kept me at the cycling so I can have Tawny Kitaen-worthy pins. David, you’ll be in my dreams tonight*.

* If either of David’s kids see this, sorry you had to read that about your Dad!  PS what is it like having a rock god as your father?

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