Working 9 to 5

Even amidst the worst economic conditions since the last World War, the London job market was pretty buoyant, if you had good experience and skills.  The Australian economy is in much better shape, so I assumed that job hunting here would be the same or easier.  Alas, I made the fatal mistake of not taking into account the fact that Brisbane is a much smaller city, with a much smaller market.  The economy might be better, but people are still uneasy and the jobs seemed to have dried up.


I don’t mind job hunting – I like the feeling of opportunity, the feeling of potential, the feeling that my dream job is just a click away.  Still, it has its fair share of drudgery.  I loathe writing cover letters.  A mini-essay written to be approachable, yet professional; brief and pithy but with details; something that shows your personality, yet not too much personality; something that states you could easily do the job, but doesn’t make you sound overqualified… it’s the impossible balancing act that you can spend hours honing all for some office lackey to give it a 15 second scan (if you’re lucky).


Agency visits are tedious too.  They bait-list jobs on the internet that you apply for; jobs that never seem to be still available once you’ve signed up with them (after you’ve gotten yourself all dressed up in business-best, spent a small fortune on public transport and trekked into the city) but, don’t worry, there’ll be other jobs along.  They’re sure of it.  Just wait by the phone…


…luckily, though, I think I found some good ‘uns.  I’ll consider them minions, scouring the job market at my behest, bringing me the choicest of jobs for my consideration and delectation.


Or, you know, a 6-day temp job in the Valley.  Whatever.

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