Swings and roundabouts

Well, I’m back where I was almost 5 years ago.  It’s funny how life moves you forward but takes you back to where you started anyway.

In 2008, I left Brisbane to find adventure and find it I did (sadly, not in the Indiana Jones sense but more in the ‘I found myself and learnt some good life lessons’ sense. Certainly more important but with a lamentable lack of buried treasure).

I settled in the UK, worked there, lived there, met a man there and travelled through Europe.  All wonderful things – but I missed home.  And good weather.

So here I am, 2012 and back to living with my folks as I start again in the land of my birth but which feels almost as odd to me now as England did in 2008.  Everything feels enormously familiar but with enough differences to throw me off; make me pause.  And I’m also transported back to my younger 2008 self – which is probably why I felt the powerful need to start a blog.  It was something of a passion back then but I haven’t written in all the time I was away.  I’m back and picking up old (bad?) habits again.  But I’m a different kind of lady, so this will be a different kind of blog (to me that is – to you, it will be some bird in the ‘burbs writing about her life, the same as a million other people).

We’ll see how it goes.

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